[jvr-general] dx.playiottdata() problem

David Lu david at voicegenesis.com
Fri Mar 4 21:07:03 EST 2005


I have encountered a problem using the dx.playiottdata() function.
Once in a while, I run across a WAVE file that cannot be played.
What happens is only about the first second of the WAVE file is
played, then the play terminates due to end-of-file even though
there are more to the WAVE file.

This occurs only on about 5% of the WAVE files.

I found that the dx.playwav() can play all the WAVE files.
However, I need to use dx.playiottdata() because I need to use
the asynchronous model.

I wrote some C++ code and call dx_playiottdata(), and all the
WAVES were able to play successfully.  So it appears that the
problem is with JVR.

I am attaching a ZIP file containing a sample Test.java, and
a test.wav that I cannot play.  I'm using JVR 0.5 and running
on W2K with a D/240JCT-T1.

Thanks in advance for your help!

                       - David -

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