[jvr-general] clean up, what needs to be done?

Kevin English Kevin at x5dev.com
Thu Jan 29 18:12:16 CST 2004

well, glad to know i did that ... but i'm still having some minor probs
  i'm using this java socker server to talk to our perl code:


basically, my server has 4 static objects that extend JVBaseClass for each
channel on our 4 port card.... What happens though is there's some kind of
disconnect, when i send the card into 'wait for ring' and then kill the
socket, then next time i do this, it won't take in the call. So my
question for you guys is, what would have to do to get the channel on the
card to a state when i don't know what state its in? I thought the onHook
would do it be i don't think it is... this could easily be that i'm using
the javaserver thingie improperly so i'm gonna ask them too...


> Nope - that's the basic idea.  If you are capturing digits from the
> user, then you may want to toss in a dx.clrdigbuf incase there is any
> left over digits in the buffer - you wouldn't want to have them leak
> across calls.
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